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A Beautiful Song - NieR: Automata

Symphonic Metal Cover by FalKKonE ft. Rena

Art Giveaway Prize

2nd place: @timeskip

Realized my skin tones were getting kinda murky so I practiced a bit by using the same features and trying to paint them with different skin tones, all the while referencing various photos for color shifts.

It's just ridiculous how much I struggle painting pale skin...

Normally I'm a good boy but-

Gilded Empire B&W

so i haven't been drawing like i should have..so i decided to torture myself. The halo brush is by Lily-fox on DA and the sparkle brushes are from ObsidianDawn.

This picture is of my Jin and Mushin from B&S

another of my dragons!! hes just a little ghost and i love him

[laurence voice] yo master willem pass the old blood

Quilava Colour Palette Challenge

based on the R/S/LG/FR sprites

Snorlax Colour Palette Challenge

Soma is a good shark and I love her

Nightmares suck

so i really like draw the squad. gives me an excuse to draw my and friends characters ^^;

base credit to Croxovergoddess

Blake is an agent of chaos and doesn't have time for gender

Lanturn Colour Palette Challenge

based on the Silver sprite~

olympic national park, washington (2016)

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Commission 2/3 for a friend over on Reddit!

A tiefling pirate, I believe! Super fun to draw, I loved coloring all of the gold!

Commissions are open!

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I just want Edelgard game pls


Here's my first ever dragon character. Meet Noogli the dragon!

I had a blast creating this guy. Spent all night playing with his colors until I was satisfied. He looks like na old fashioned dinosaur figurine by the colors. I am also pretty astonished at how well I draw reptiles. Its been a while.

Please don't use this artwork for personal roleplays + profile images. Thank you!

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Anyways new icon time!

Made in this cute Picrew!

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The Wild Animal Sanctuary

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An artfight attack against salmontha

Art Fight Gyanene

Gyanene, owned by https://artfight.net/~fizzy-dizz

This is easier for the most part than I had expected, and a lot more fun.

AF 2020 - Spidz

Chibi attack for StarWatcher

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attack on pluto-paws' character pluto! [artfight]

[id: pen-and-watercolor drawing of pluto, an anthro cat character with calico spots on their tail and ears. They're wearing a turquoise sweater and lying on their side propped up against a pillow next to them. Their sweater has a shirt-collar with a bell. They smile with their eyes closed and a paw up to their mouth, as if laughing. There is a cartoony five-pointed star on top of their head. end id.]