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So, why do people hate pinging now? And why don't they just remove the @? Like, you know, any normal person thinking about it would?

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Ah, idk why I didn't expect mfs to be outright malicious about this. I really should have expected it. It really blows my mind all the time how immature people are on social media platforms. And of course I realize its a large mixture of people blowing off steam, people being actual children, the larger community not being able to socially enforce standards as well on the internet, as well as there being smaller communities amongst the larger ecosystem that often create their own echo chambers where they viciously ward against new comers to the scene (ie, a clique). But good goddamn, 99% of the awful bullshit I end up hearing about is usually drama that could be solved with just a tiny bit of perspecive, a hint of critical thinking and a dash of compassion for other human beings. Or maybe I just have a bit too much empathy. Who the fuck knows.

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Nah more like, in general. I see it on twitter, in discord servers. People wanting to have someone know a message is for them without pinging, and some people outright saying they don't want to get pinged. The latter I understand when you're working and stuff.

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People hate pinging? Here? Or like, on twitter or whatever?

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