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Lapis / 27 / A disaster || German ✔ English ✔ || I play too much FFXIV


Honestly at this point I'm just pulling this out of god-knows-where, I'm horrible at talking about myself.

- I'm 26. I need an adult, and I am not said adult, even though I technically am.

- I'm from Europe. Yay timezone stuff.

- I curse a lot. Just to warn you. F***ing Sh*t.

- I like videogames. A lot. I play them. A lot. Probably too much.

- I also like to art, but somehow never actually art. Why can't I just magically project the image in my head onto paper, wtf science.

- Expect lots of random game screenshots. I don't know when to stop.

- No, my name has nothing to do with Steven Universe.

- Everything I touch turns into an OC, somehow. I am in hell.

- I may start streaming on twitch sometime in the future. Maybe. Possibly. Anxiety, man.

- I have a lot of adopted children. Yes, they are all fictional characters. I'm sorry.

- Writing is nice. Writing is fun. Sharing it? I Want To Die And Everything Sucks™

I'll try to keep this blog as kiddy friendly as possible, in terms of NSFW content. Things to do with Horror and Gore will be tagged accordingly.

If there is ever something you'd like me to tag for you, feel free to tell me.

If you're ever uncomfortable about me interacting with/following you do to my age, then please tell me and I'll leave you alone. I don't take offense in stuff like that, so don't worry, I won't be mad or anything.

Feel free to unfollow me for any reason you might have. I honestly do not pay attention to, nor do I care about, my follower count. And honestly, people being comfortable is more important than numbers. So if I ever make you feel uncomfortable or anything, and you don't want to see me anymore, then that's fine. Don't feel pressured into staying, or like you have to justify yourself to me; You don't. If you want to unfollow, you want to unfollow, and that's totally fine. End of story.